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When it comes to love and food, nothing can beat our darling mothers. They know how to deal with our tantrums and always pamper us with lots of love. One of the best ways in which they express their love for us is through food.


You will definitely relate to these points that make Suanmama so special. Mama finds inspiration from the love and happiness around her grandmothers' tables growing up and believes that healthy eating brings happy people.


Mama believes Organic, non-GMO ingredients are key to this happy, healthy lifestyle choice.

Suanmama 100% NON GMO organic tofu (Spinach mixed)

SKU: 0003
  • Garden to Table, Made with Mama's Love.

    The pre-cooked Suanmama Tofu is Firm and has the same consistency as feta. Suanmama Tofu holds up quite well to frying and stuffing.

    Best Uses: Battered/crusted, baked, boiled, pan-fried, stir-fried, deep fried, air-fried and glazed. —it's versatile

    Food Allergy facts : contains soy

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