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- About SUANMAMA -

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Made with Mama's Love Philosophy


It’s gone viral! Yes, Suanmama has crafted our Tofu that is so tasty, when deep-fried - crunchy on the outside while creamy cheesy texture at the center. The secret ingredient - it is Made with Mama’s Love. Gone are the days of tofu bad rap as being plain and boring.


“หนึบยืดด โครตชีส”
“Crunchy Creamy Cheesy “ Signature







With our superior products, Suanmama is the first tofu brand to coin the phrase
“Crunchy Creamy Cheesy“ signature
“หนึบยืดดด โครตชีส” that has been going viral on Instagram & TikTok. Never been done in the world! After 2,000 years of its creation, we are proud to be the first organic tofu brand to add natural, fresh vegetables & seeds mixed into our original tofu to create new flavors and new textures

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